Fourth of July — A Time to Celebrate and Reflect

Originally posted on From the Field: A blog by PeacePlayers International

On days like today, America comes together. No matter their race, religion, or socioeconomic status, people are firing up their grills and gathering with friends and family to celebrate America’s freedom and independence.

There is no denying it — we live in a country with many divides. Here at PeacePlayers, we engage with people living on both sides of conflict on a daily basis, in communities where children are conditioned to hate others on the basis of their religion or race. But that is only part of the story…

736091_467169980014156_672272528_o (1)On this holiday of optimism, we want to honor the thousands of children playing for peace, their tireless
coaches who mentor them on and off the court, their parents for their bravery in letting their children be a force for peace, and finally you, our supporters, whose belief in the power of sport to bring people together enables this all to happen.

Tonight when you look up in awe at the fireworks that celebrate our country’s core uniting values of justice and freedom for all, take a moment to think about how far we have come, but also how far we still need to go to fulfill those ideals for people everywhere.


Happy Fourth of July from everyone at PeacePlayers International!


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